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A nameless ghost explores the afterlife:

  • Cute 2D graphics
  • Humorous dialogue
  • Cool music

General Game Info

  • Fullscreen Toggle: Alt+Enter
  • Pause/Un-pause game: Esc key
  • Save system: autosaves and remembers what cutscenes you completed when re-opening the game.
    • To delete your save file, you'll need to delete "player_save.dat" from your local app data folder. 
  • Audio output (i.e. headphones to speakers, etc.) cannot be switched while playing.
  • Move: Arrow Keys
  • Dash: Spacebar
  • Talk/Interact: Enter
  • Boo: Z
  • Move: Left Joystick
  • Dash: X
  • Talk/Interact: A
  • Boo: B
Updated 21 days ago
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Cute, Ghosts


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Ghosty.exe 21 MB

Development log


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My antivirus didnt like it and even crashed firefox once scaning the data... but well, i liked it. be careful with this future player.

I'm sorry to hear that! But thank you for playing my game. I found some general info on download issues here, but once I have some more time this week, I'll look into export options for the game engine I'm using and see if there's anything I can do on my side.

it wasnt the download, just the opening. apparently the files looked suspicious. 

at this point the interesting thing is, the creepypasta video i was listening to in the background continued playing and i could actually still interact with the browser over the bar down there(open a new tab), weird crash i didnt have bevore. making a sound when i clicked anywhere there, and after a restard all tabs survived. so i just got really confused and angry at my antivirus...  after the restard it took the scan and opened for me to play...


Did a playthrough of the game. Very cute and pretty funny. Love the boss. lol


Thank you very much for the playthrough and feedback! And yeah, I had fun designing the boss, haha.

It says it was blocked because it could harm my device, can anyone comfirm that this game is safe?

I didn't put any viruses into this game, and so far, no one else has informed me if they experienced this block. But here's some additional info on what could be causing this here.  That being said, I'll continue to look into any code or export issues and fix accordingly as I work on the next build for Ghosty.


Ok, thanks

Also, just played the game and it is awesome!

For sure, and thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! 


That was pretty neat a good bit better than what I was expecting digged the music. It's still a work in progress but definitely would like to see more of a full game good luck in the future with it! ^^ my play through here: 


Oh wow, thank you so much for the feedback and playthrough! This definitely gives me some ideas of what to work on and improve from here on out.


Thanks for replying and definitely wish you all the best with your improvements. pretty good so far!